So you’ve got some staff working 35 hour weeks and others doing different part-time hours. How can you manage all these working patterns and ensure that the correct amount of leave is deducted with each leave request?

You can create Work Patterns for each staff member, depending on their terms of engagement. The Work Pattern is used to calculate the amount of leave to be debited when the staff member applies for time off. 

Create a work pattern

The default Work Pattern is a 37.5 hours 5-day week. HR Admin may modify this according to their organisation's standard working week. They can also set up any number of part-time or compressed hours patterns from Configure -> Leave -> Work Patterns.

Go to Configure -> Leave -> Work Patterns. Click on the 'Add Work Pattern' button. Give the Work Pattern a name. Click on the Calendar tab and fill in the number of hours and equivalent days that one would work under that pattern. 

In the following example, the Work Pattern repeats over two weeks. You can create patterns that repeat after 1 - 5 weeks. The Hours and Leave Days in the highlighted area are the number of hours or days that would be deducted on each day if someone with this work pattern applied for leave. HR Admins can configure the Leave Days dropdown from the Tool icon. 

Add work pattern

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