HR Admin can set different work schedules - or Work Pattern - for each staff member. This information is used to calculate the amount of leave to be debited when the staff member applies for time off. 

For example if a staff member works seven hours each on Mondays and Tuesdays, and six hours on Fridays, their work pattern may look like this:

Add work pattern

The default Work Pattern is a 37.5 hours 5-day week. HR Admin may modify this according to their organisation's standard working week. They can also set up any number of part-time or compressed hours patterns from Configure -> Leave -> Work Patterns.

Apply a Work Pattern to a Staff Profile

Open the Staff Profile where you would like to add a work pattern. Go to the Leave tab of the Staff Profile, and click to see the Work Pattern screen. Click on the 'Add Custom Work Pattern' button. Select the relevant work pattern from the dropdown list along with the date from which it is applicable, and click save.

Allocate work pattern to staff profile

Work patterns and leave deducted

If the staff member in the above example applies for leave from Monday to Sunday, their leave would be debited as follows:

  • Monday: 1 day
  • Tuesday: 1 day
  • Wednesday: 0 days (non-working day)
  • Thursday: 0 days (non-working day)
  • Friday: 1 day 
  • Saturday: 0 day (weekend)
  • Sunday: 0 days (weekend)
  • Total: 3 days