CiviHR Admin users can bulk update leave entitlements and absence periods for all staff, as well as tweaking individual entitlement following changes to contracts such as at the end of probation period or after a promotion. The ability to bulk update entitlements makes managing leave quick and simple.

Go to Configure -> Leave -> Leave Periods and click the Manage Entitlements link next to the relevant leave period. This takes you to the Leave Entitlement calculation page. Each leave type is colour coded and listed against the entitlement for this period. From here, you can manage entitlements for each member of staff. 

The rows in the leave entitlement table represent a different leave type for each employee. In the example below, we can clearly see the leave types for Alexia Savva. 

Bulk update leave entitlements

To change the entitlement for each leave type, click on the edit (pen) icon. This brings up a text field where you can enter the new leave entitlement amount. Type in the new amount. Notice that the Override tickbox is automatically ticked. Un-tick this box to cancel the override. 

Override leave entitlement

Click Save New Entitlements to save these changes. 

Making Changes to Entitlements

You can leave a comment as a record of your calculation for the leave entitlement for this period. Comments are then shown as tooltips on the leave entitlement on the contact record for administrators to refer back to. To leave a comment, click the arrow icon in the Comment column. 

You can make bulk changes to entitlements by using the icons displayed in the New Proposed Period Entitlement column. Clicking on the plus icon adds an extra day to that period's leave entitlements for all staff. Clicking on the copy all icon copies the entitlement from the top row to all following rows. 

Bulk changes to leave entitlement