Leave Period is the standard duration over which time off calculations are done in your organisation. Most organisations have January 1st to December 31st as their Leave Period. This is configured by default in CiviHR.

If your organisation uses a different start and end date for leave calculations, you can quickly change this from Configure > Leave > Leave Period. Edit or delete the defaults to add in your own leave periods. Leave Periods may be of any duration, as long as they do not overlap.

Configure leave periods

In order to allow staff to start booking leave in a particular leave period:

  • Add the Leave Period with start and end dates as described above. 
  • Click on Manage Entitlements for that leave period. 
  • Review leave entitlements for all staff for that Leave Period. You can override entitlements manually and add comments about the adjustment. 
  • Save these entitlements. 
Once these steps are complete, staff will be able to see their leave entitlements for the new Leave Period in their Self Service Portal, and use them to book time off.