As an HR Admin, you can add as many types of leave as are used within your organisation.

For instance, you might need to track annual leave in days for permanent staff and annual leave in hours for shift-based teams. Your organisation might want to give staff an additional day of birthday leave! Or you might want to track full and half pay sick leave separately.

For each type of leave you can set whether it is measured in hours or days, the default entitlement, maximum duration of a single request, and rules for cancellation, carry forward and expiry. 

To set up Leave Types, go to Configure -> Leave -> Leave Types

Configure leave types

Basic Details

  • Title: Enter the name of the Leave Type
  • Calendar Colour: Pick the colour that the Leave Type will show up in on the shared Staff Calendar
  • Is default leave type: Select if the Leave Type should be listed first in leave request forms
  • Is reserved: This means the leave type cannot be deleted
  • Calculate Leave in: Set if the Leave Type should be tracked in Days or Hours
  • Default entitlement: Enter the number of leave days that a full time person would get per year
  • By default should public holiday be added to the default entitlement? You can always modify this for each staff member on the add/edit job contract screen: Set this to Yes if the entitlement for this leave type should also include Public Holidays. For example, if a full time staff in your organisation gets 28 days of Annual Leave plus 8 Public Holidays or a total of 28+8 = 36 days, this flag should be set as Yes.   
  • When an employee does not have a leave approver, who should be notified of leave requests: Select the name of the person who should receive email notifications when a leave request is submitted by someone who does not have a designated leave approver added into their profile. 
  • Hide leave type label on public calendars and feeds? If your organisation would like to know when staff members are away on leave on the Staff Calendar, but do not want to show the type of leave they have taken, please set this flag. This makes the colour and name of the Leave Type private. The leave type will show up as a general grey block on the Staff Calendar, and the Leave Type will be shown as "Leave' instead of showing the actual Title (Eg Sick or Compassionate Leave).

Requesting Leave/Absence

  • Duration of consecutive leave permitted to be taken at once? Set the number of maximum duration of leave that a staff member may take when they submit a leave request. 
  • Can staff cancel requests for this leave type after they have been made? Set the cancellation policy to allow staff to cancel a leave request in advance of its start date, never cancel a submitted request or  to cancel leave anytime. 
  • Can employees apply for this leave type even if they have used up their entitlement for the year?: 

Public Holidays

  • Must staff take public holiday as leave? If all staff in your organisation must take Public Holidays off on the given dates, set this as Yes. This causes Public Holidays to get added to staff records automatically. When a staff member applies for leave spanning a Public Holiday, that date is treated like a non-working day.  If all staff members are required to work on Public Holidays, set this to No. Public Holidays will not get added to any staff record. Staff can submit leave requests if they need time off on those dates. 

Carry Forward

  • Allow leave of this type to be carried forward from one period to another? If at the end of the year, any unused leave must be added to the next year's entitlement, set this to Yes. 
  • Maximum amount of leave that can be carried forward to a new period? (Leave blank for unlimited): Leaving this field blank will carry forward and add all unused leave days to entitlements in next Leave Period. You can limit the number of leave days to be carried forward by entering that number here. 
  • Carry forward leave expiry: If any unused leave from one Leave Period that is being carried forward into the next one must be used within a fixed time period, set that here.