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Create User Account for Staff

HR Admins must set up User Accounts for staff, to enable them to login to CiviHR.

Create User Account for a staff member

Open the Staff Profile and click on the 'Actions' button in the header. Click 'Add User Account'. 

Create staff user account

1. Ensure that the staff member has a valid and unique email address added into their Staff Profile. This email address will be used to send them their welcome and password reset emails.

Create user account

2. Select the appropriate User Role. User Roles allow HR Admins to select the level of access that a staff member should have into their CiviHR site. CiviHR has the following built-in User Roles:

  • Staff: Allows access only to the staff member’s own Self Service Portal containing their own personal details, leave data, Staff Directory and HR Resources.
  • Manager: Allows leave approvers to view and respond to leave requests from their team, in addition to their own personal details, leave data, Staff Directory and HR Resources.
  • HR Admin: Allows access to all staff data and reports. This permission should be very selectively assigned.

3. HR Admins can choose to send a welcome email to the member of staff alerting them about their new CiviHR User Account.. 

HR Admins can also create User Accounts for staff in bulk. HR Admins must make sure they disable User Accounts when staff members leave, or are no longer required to access their CiviHR site. 

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