Sometimes staff members shoulder responsibilities that are quite distinct in nature. For example, an administrative officer might work both in the HR and the Finance Departments, or a Communications Executive might double as a Fundraiser. These are recorded as Job Roles in CiviHR. 

A staff member can have multiple Job Roles within any Job Contract period. 

Add a new Job Role

Open the Staff Profile into which the Job Role must be added. Go to the Job Role tab, and click theAdd new Job Role’ button. HR Admins can modify the options listed in dropdowns by clicking on the Tool icons alongside and updating the list that pops up. They can fill in any details and save the Job Role. 

Add a new job role

The fields Department, Level, Location and Region are especially useful for creating Reports and Calendar Feeds. Staff see Department and Location information about their colleagues in the Staff Directory in the Self Service Portal. 

Add Funding information

A Job Role may be funded by multiple funders in different proportions. HR Admins can record fixed amounts or percent of pay that funders contribute for the particular role. To add a funder, go to Staff -> New Individual or New Organisation and create a contact record. Search and select this funder, and add in details about the proportion of the Job Role that they fund.

Add Cost Centre information

Cost Centres are usually used to record how the pay for a particular Job Role should be booked for budgeting and accounting. A Job Role may be booked under multiple Cost Centres in different proportions. To add a new Cost Centre in the dropdown, go to Configure -> Job Role -> Cost Centre