Policies and procedure are of key importance to any organisation. More so, when one has staff working from different locations, or volunteers and part-timers contributing as per availability. 

CiviHR’s HR Resources feature makes it easy to organise documents that ought to be accessible to all staff, in a central repository. HR Admins can upload and categorise various kinds of files including PDFs, spreadsheets, editable forms, templates, presentations, media files and more. Staff and Managers can view and download these documents as and when needed. 

Here's a sample listing:

CiviHR HR Resources

Staff can use the Filter functionality to list documents of a particular type.

Let’s see a particular HR Resource - Brand Positioning - in more detail. You can see that it is a Training Manual, and read its brief description. Clicking on the See Resources link shows the uploaded file(s).  Some documents are reference material and many would want to keep a printout handy. You can download the file to your computer and subsequently print the same.

HR Resources feature is of key use during onboarding of new employees. HR Admin can assign Tasks for the new Joinee to read through set of onboarding documents. The staff can mark the task as complete once they have finished going through the HR Resources specified. 

Using CiviHR HR Resources