When an organisation has more than a handful of staff members, it is important to have one place when any contact details can be found. That is exactly what the Staff Directory does. This nifty tab is located inside the Self Service Portal and allows a staff member to quickly look up basic profile information of all staff in an organisation. Quite like the old school Telephone Directory!

The default view of Staff Directory is a listing of key information about a staff member - Name, Work Phone, Job Title, Work Email, Location, Department and Manager. Only staff with currently active Job Contracts get listed in the Staff Directory. Anyone whose Job Contract has ended, is yet to start, or yet to be added to CiviHR will not show up. 

To make it easy for you to zero in on the required contact, there are several ways in which the Directory can be filtered. You can look up a specific name, email, or phone. You can also filter all staff with a particular Job Title, Department, or Manager. Select the required attribute, and click the Filter button. The image below shows staff filtered by Marketing and Fundraising department.

CiviHR Staff Directory