Some organisations allow their staff to take additional time off to compensate for any overtime worked. This is often called Time Off In Lieu (TOIL), but is also referred to by other names such as Compensatory Time Off.  

Let us say a staff works on a Saturday that would ordinarily be a non-working day for him. He can request his manager to give him some time off in lieu on any other working day. The manager can approve the staff's request to accrue TOIL, and also set the date before which this time off should be taken. HR Admins can set the maximum TOIL balance that staff members can accumulate at any point. 

Accrue (add up) TOIL in hours

CiviHR accrue and use TOIL in hours

  • Click on Submit Overtime button. A popup form will open where you can submit a request to accrue TOIL for overtime worked. 
  • Select the option to which this requested Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) should get added. The number in parentheses shows you your current TOIL balance. 
  • Select whether you worked overtime on a single day or multiple days. 
  • Select the start date and time. 
  • Select the end date and time. 
  • The number of hours between the start and end date and time is calculated automatically. 
  • Click on 'Customise this Amount' link to select the actual number of hours of overtime that you have done between the start and end date and time. This number is just for record, and does not influence the time off to be accrued (added up) in any way. 
  • Select the amount of additional time off that you would get as per the policy in your organisation. When your manager approves your request, this is the number of hours that will get added to your TOIL balance, for you to take off at another time.  
  • The Expiry Date is the date by which you must use the time off accumulated from this request. It is automatically set depending on your organisation's policy, configured by the HR Admin. 
  • Add comments or upload any documents for your Leave Approver to go through while considering your leave request.
  • When you submit a leave request, the system checks to make sure that you have no overlapping requests, and that your request follows the rules configured by the HR Admin for maximum number of hours that you can accumulate as TOIL at any point in time. 
  • Once submitted, you can track this request under Open Requests in your Leave Report. 
  • Your Leave Approver will receive an email notification alerting them about your request. They can then log into their CiviHR Self Service Portal and make a decision.

Use TOIL in hours

When your Leave Approver or HR Admin approves your request to accrue TOIL for any overtime worked, your TOIL balance increases. You can see your TOIL balance in your Leave Report tab. You can use your TOIL balance to request time off at another time. 

To request time off using your accumulated TOIL:

  • Click on Record New Absence 
  • Select the Leave option. A popup leave request form will open.
  • Pick the Leave Type option where you have accumulated TOIL balance. 
  • Proceed to book leave as you would with any other Leave Type.