All Staff, Managers and HR Admins have access to the Staff Calendar, that shows when their colleagues have booked time off. In addition, they can import Calendar Feeds into applications such as Google Calendar, to see this information without logging into CiviHR. HR Admins can create calendar feeds and share them with Staff and Managers.

Add a CiviHR Calendar Feed to Google Calendar

Staff and Managers will see a list of calendar feeds that they may want to add into their own Google Calendar from their SSP under My Leave -> Calendar tab. Click on the name of the feed to view its link

CiviHR SSP Calendar Feed

Click the Copy button. 

CiviHR calendar feed in SSP

Go to your Google Calendar, and click on the + icon as shown.

Add CiviHR calendar feed to Google

Select the option "From URL"

Add CiviHR feed to Google

Paste the calendar feed link you copied from your CiviHR Self Service Portal, and click Add Calendar. 

Add CiviHR calendar feed to Google

You should see an on-screen confirmation in your Google Calendar screen when the feed is added successfully. This calendar will get listed on the left hand side of the screen along with other calendars. You will be able change settings or unsubscribe from the feed using Google Calendar Settings. Google refreshes information from calendar feeds periodically, so any recent updates will take several hours to reflect in your calendar.