Go to Reports and choose either People Reports (reports showing analysis of Headcount and FTE by Department, Role, Contract Type and other staff data) or Leave Reports (reports showing the analysis of Leave taken for Holiday/Vacation, Sickness, TOIL and other leave types.

Report Builder

Once in the Report Builder page, set the dates within which you want to report using the calendar fields on the left side of the screen. Select the fields for inclusion in the report by dragging and dropping the rows from the left column into the table. Multiple fields can be selected to appear in one report. 

Change the data display by selecting different chart types such as heatmaps or line charts from the dropdown list. 

Once satisfied with the display, click Save as New and type in a name for your custom report. This report will now appear in the existing report dropdown list. 

If you want to run the same report each month, simply go back into the report at the start of each month and change the report filters. This will generate a current version of the report while maintaining the standard reporting fields. 

New report configuration