The Staff Profile is the building block of CiviHR. All the information pertaining to the staff including their Job Contract, documents, leave requests and tasks are linked to this profile. HR Admins can perform multiple actions from the staff profile, such as creating self service login accounts and updating line manager information. 

Only HR Admins can view, edit or delete a Staff Profile. Staff have access to contact, emergency and bank information via their Self Service Portal. 

Create a Staff Profile

To add a new staff member, go to Staff > Add New Staff Member

Although there are many fields available on this page, you can create a new Staff Profile with just the First and Last name OR an email address. The remaining details can be left blank and completed at a later date. 

Saving a new individual in the system automatically creates a Staff Profile. Note that the header for this staff record is red. Next, go to the Job Contract tab, and add a Job Contract with Job Position and Contract Dates. When you save a Job Contract that is currently active, the header will turn dark grey. Only staff with active Job Contracts are listed in the Staff Directory. 

Create staff profile 

Find and complete a Staff Profile

You can search for Staff Profiles either by using Quick Search in the top left of the screen, or by performing an Advanced Search. 

Find staff profile

To complete the staff profile, click on each relevant tab and fill in any details that are important for your organisation.