Go to Staff -> Import / Export -> Import Job Contracts.

It is critical that each staff member should have a unique identifier such as their an Email Address, Employee Number (External ID), or CiviHR ID. CiviHR matches this identifier to decide which Job Contract should be imported into which Staff Profile. The import process is similar to importing staff contact information.

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Select your import CSV file containing Job Contract data. Confirm whether the first row of the file contains column headers. Select the date format used in your CSV file and click Continue.

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Match fields from your import CSV file to appropriate CiviHR fields. You can save this mapping for future imports by selecting 'Save this field mapping' before clicking Continue.

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Review the number of rows to be imported to make sure they match your import CSV file. You can download the errors file and edit the corresponding staff data in the import CSV file. When there are no more errors, click Continue to start the import.

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See the summary of the number of Job Contracts imported successfully. You can search for the staff whose Job Contracts were imported, and review their profiles to make sure all data reads as expected.