HR Admin can use CiviHR Tasks to assign to dos to any staff member, send follow ups and track progress all from one place - the Task Dashboard. 

Tasks are organised automatically under Overdue, Due Today, and Due This Week on the Tasks Dashboard. Overdue tasks are highlighted in red. 

Add Task

To add a task and assign it to someone:

  • Click the Add Task button on the Tasks Dashboard.
  • The person who must complete that task is its ‘Assignee’. The person who the task is related to is the ‘Target’. For example, if Jack needs to prepare Amy’s joining letter, Amy would be the Target and Jack the assignee. 
  • Select the Task Type. This list can be customised by using the adjacent Tool icon.
  • Add the Target, Assignee, Due date and Task type, and save the task. 
  • The Assignee will get an email notification about the task they are expected to complete. They will also see the task on their Self Service Portal on the Task screen. 
  • The Target contact will neither receive any email notifications, nor will they see the task on their Self Service Portal. 
  • The task will get listed on the Tasks Dashboard for tracking.  

Add new task

Follow up via Quick Reminders

The Tasks Dashboard lists all open tasks to enable HR Admins to follow up quickly on them. Click on the 3-dot Action ellipsis to  send quick reminder emails.

HR administrators and task assignees get daily digest emails to remind them of their respective tasks and documents that are overdue or upcoming.

Send reminders

Re-assign tasks

HR Admins can re-assign any task by editing it. Click on the 3-dot Action ellipsis to edit the task assignee. When a task is re-assigned, both the original and the new Assignees will get email notifications about the change. 

What task assignees see on their self service portal

Assignees can see all tasks delegated to them on their self-service portal, where they can mark them Complete when done. This sends an email notification to the person who had created that task. Note that the Target contact will not see tasks listed on their self-service portal.

Task assignee view