CiviHR has two built-in Workflow Templates: Joining and Exiting. HR Admins can configure these templates to suit their own organisation. They can rename the Joining or Exiting workflow according to the terminology used commonly in their organisation. Additionally, they can remove tasks and documents that do not apply, re-order the sequence, or add in new ones. 

Modifying Joining or Exiting workflows

  • Go to Configure -> Tasks -> Workflow Types
  • Click on Edit against the Workflow Template that you would like to edit.

Let us say you would like to modify the Joining workflow as per the process in your organisation. 

  1. Click on the Trash can icon to delete tasks or documents that do not apply to your organisation. 
  2. Drag and drop tasks or documents to re-order tasks or documents. 
  3. Click into the Add Task or Document dropdown to add in new ones. Type in the name of the task or document you would like to add to your workflow. As you type in a Task or Document Type, CiviHR filters possible matches from existing tasks. For new Tasks and Documents, click on the highlighted bar to open up the New Tasks or Document popup.

Select Category depending on whether you would like to add a Task or Document. Give it a suitable name and save. 

The new Task or Document will get added to the workflow as the next item on the list.