The Onboarding Wizard helps HR Admins to collect data from Staff and Managers. This is helpful to keep information up to date, without any data entry burden for the HR Admin.  
All Staff and Managers see the Onboarding Wizard when they first log into their Self Service Portal. Those fields in which the HR Admin has already added data get pre-populated. The remaining fields show up as empty. 

Staff and Managers have the opportunity to review and update their data. They can use the "Next" or "Previous" buttons to move between sections until they are happy with their data. After they submit the form once, it does not show up again. 

If they would prefer to update data at another time, they can click the "Skip and Remind Me Later" button. The Onboarding Wizard will disappear, and return only when they log in next. 

Only a few fields on the wizard such as Name, Date of Birth and Nationality are mandatory. The remaining fields such as those related to Payroll or Dependents are optional. Staff and Managers can submit the form without filling in any data in such fields.