HR Admins must designate Leave Approvers for all staff members so that they are able to manage their own time off from the Self Service Portal. 

Leave Approvers must have the Manager level of access so that they are able to view and act on leave requests submitted by their team. The Leave Approver will get an email notification when a leave request or sickness report is submitted for their attention. They can then sign into their Self Service Portal and act on the request. 

Add Leave Approver to Staff Profile

Open the Staff Profile where you would like to add a Leave Approver. Go to the Manager tab and click on 'Add New Relationship'. Select the appropriate relationship type from the dropdown list. Select the name of the Leave Approver, and save. For example, if you are on the Manager tab of Zoe's Staff Profile and you select the relationship type ‘is Leave Approver of’ and type in Adam under Contact(s), Adam will receive all of Zoe’s leave or sickness requests. 

Add leave approver to staff profile

HR Admins can modify this list by clicking on the Tool icon to add in other relationship types commonly used in their organisation, for example 'Supervisors'. 

Which relationship is used to designate Leave Approvers?

HR Admins can select whether the leave should be approved by the Line Manager, a Leave Approver that may not be the Line Manager, the HR Manager or any other relationship. 

Go to Configure -> Leave -> Leave Settings and select the relationship(s) commonly used in your organisation for the leave approval process. 

Leave approver relationship