Before Job Contract details are added to the staff profiles, the banner across the top of the Staff Profile page will appear red to indicate that vital details are missing. The banner will change to grey after the contract information has been entered.

Add a new Job Contract

Open the Staff Profile into which the Job Contract must be added. Go to the Job Contract tab as shown below, and click on the ‘Add New Job Contract' button. 

Add job contract

HR Admins can modify the options listed in dropdowns by clicking on the Tool icons alongside and updating the list that pops up. Although a Job Contract has many fields that they can choose to fill in, only the Job Position, Title and Contract Start Date are mandatory to save a contract. 

modify dropdown options

Add in missing data or correct error 

HR Admins can fill in missing data or correct input errors within the Job Contract data by using the Correct Error button. 

Correct error in contract

Save any changes without creating a new revision. This helps to maintain an uncluttered audit trail of actual contractual changes as detailed in the section below.

Change terms in a Job Contract with audit trail

When the terms of an employee’s job contract change - for example designation or pay following a promotion - HR Admins can create a new revision of the contract. Any changes will be stored as a revision with an effective date and reason in the Full History table. This allows HR Admins to trace how a staff member's terms of contract changed over a period of time. The table can be exported as a CSV file also. 

Change terms in job contract

To see revisions made to a particular section, click on the time icon next to that field on the job contract Summary tab. 

View revisions to contract

Contract Length of Service

Contract Length of Service is calculated automatically and displayed on the Contact Summary tab of any staff record.HR Admins do not have to manually enter any number here. This number is automatically calculated based on the Job Contract dates entered by them.

Contract length of service